SEO Writing 101: Content is Indeed King

SEO Writing 101: Content is Indeed King

Search Engine Optimization, or better known as SEO is a type of writing centered on gaining attention from search engines using particular, targeted phrases or words in a particular way. These particular phrases or words are best known as keywords. SEO writing is considered important for websites to engage everyone who are seeking for specific information. The owners of the websites need good traffic on their site, for people to visit their site and purchase several products or just simply click the ads. By having these activities within their websites, they can earn specific amount of money, which is why these website owners require various search engines to direct people to their sites.

Despite the importance of SEO, not many people understand the correct application of this writing in engaging clicks and activities. Some people actually crammed their websites with as much keywords as possible, while the others crammed their websites with many popular but unrelated keywords. This method can actually work, if the purpose of those websites in only to display advertisements and do not care about gaining regular visitors.

In contrast with these people, proper businesses are trying to enhance their sites so they will be discovered by people that are looking for the services and products they are selling in their sites. This means, they want to gain regular visitors, and content is very important to maintain this type of visitors. SEO Experts and webmasters have a famous saying that should be familiar to all SEO writers. Content is King. This saying is very on point. The content of a website is the one which attracts visitors, even more than the products itself.

Basically, there are 2 significant attributes of website content: quality and quantity. Quality means the content of a website should be free from unnecessary typos and well-written. Embarrassing typos may give an impression to the visitors that your website have no idea about what it is talking about. It also means the content is interesting, informative, and rich in keywords, to make sure the visitors feel they learn something from the website. As for quantity, it means your site should be regularly updated with new content. Visitors can return to your website for informational articles once or more. However, if the content of your website remain the same, they will neglect your website eventually.

There are several opinions regarding how often you should update your website. Some experts say once in a week is enough. There are also experts who say you must update at least twice per day. The frequency of your update heavily depends on what kind of website it is. Commercial blog is recommended to update at least twice per day while static content can be updated once or twice per week. Spacing out between each update is important. No update for weeks and then suddenly update with 20 articles will not bring your website anywhere. In conclusion, content is indeed the king of SEO writing. Use it wisely, and you will eventually gain regular visitors.

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